NOF offers various webinars available for continuing education and/or professional development for healthcare professionals interested in osteoporosis and/or bone health.

Project ECHO
Curriculum Schedule: Begins on Tuesday, October 6, from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM Mountain Time, and continues weekly thereafter.
Faculty: Drs. Michael Lewiecki, Matt Bouchonville, Arthur Bankhurst, David Chafey, and Ms. Jeannie Boyle, MSN, RN Fee: $0 CME credit available

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The Bone Health TeleECHO Clinic consists of 50 weekly 1-hour sessions, each having 50 minutes of interactive case-based learning and 10 minutes of didactic presentation, with 40 of the didactic topics set in advance and 10 open topics to be determined according to requests of participants, new developments in knowledge of osteoporosis, emerging topics of interest, controversies, and recently published journal articles. The Bone Health ECHO team consists of E. Michael Lewiecki, MD, FACP, FACE and other specialists having expertise in different aspects in the care of osteoporosis, gout, osteoarthritis and other bone conditions (e.g., physical therapy, nutrition, pharmacy, and psychology).

Objectives: Participants of this new ECHO should be able to

  1. Describe the pathophysiology of common bone disorders
  2. Assess fracture risk with available validated clinical tools
  3. Evaluate for factors contributing to skeletal fragility
  4. Recognize quality in bone density testing acquisition, analysis, and reporting
  5. Use current clinical practice guidelines in managing patients with bone disorders
  6. Communicate the balance of benefits and risks with various treatments
  7. Individualize treatment decisions through shared decision making
  8. Monitor bone health therapy for adherence, tolerance, and effectiveness
  9. Implement systematic strategies for secondary fracture prevention (fracture liaison services)

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